SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin Strawberry (Morango) Premium Kit

SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin Strawberry (Morango) Premium Kit

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Strawberry Lovers: Do We Have a Keratin Product for You!

SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin Strawberry Premium Kit:

Straight Hair and Strawberries—The Perfect Combination!

Who doesn’t love getting out of the shower smelling like fresh strawberries? Better yet, who wants to find a TRUE Brazilian keratin treatment that delivers silky-smooth, sexy hair that lasts LONG after you treat it?

Sound like something you’d be interested in? Well, you’re definitely not alone!


Our new strawberry-infused keratin treatment will leave both you AND your hair feeling refreshed and invigorated after just ONE use! This triple-product keratin kit contains ALL the essential vitamins and nutrients your hair needs to stay at its most beautiful.

Strawberry Sterilizing Shampoo: Help your hair breathe again with a keratin treatment that keeps naturally occurring oils and nutrients IN your hair while removing all the outside residues you DON’T want! SoftLiss Brazilian keratin treatment is the first and ONLY keratin product to use a revitalizing alkaline pH that helps to both fluff hair AND open hair cuticles without stripping it down!

Strawberry Intelligent Brush System: Rebuild hair fiber and fill in gaps in damaged hair faster than ever before! Our strawberry keratin corrector leaves your hair not just straighter, but more responsive to your desires—and ALWAYS without the frizz! Shape your hair however you want. Flat iron, curling iron—you name it, our corrector gets your hair responding to it!

Strawberry Mask Sealer: Your hair puts up with a lot—sun, smog, bad weather, products full of added chemicals. These things can strip your hair and make last night’s keratin treatment nothing but a faded memory. SoftLiss’s Strawberry Mask Sealer helps your hair by creating a “mask” around each strand—sealing in your hair’s nutrients and leave it feeling strong, silky, and above all, beautiful.

Looking for a Refreshing Take on Brazilian Keratin?

Get our SoftLiss Strawberry Premium Kit with SALON-QUALITY Keratin Treatment TODAY. It’s backed by our 110% GUARANTEE!


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