Brazilian keratin instructionsKeratin Straightening Guide

Brazilian Keratin Treatment & Hair Straightening Tips


  1. Using warm water, wash your hair with SoftLiss STEP1 Deep Wash Shampoo and softly massage the hair. This step will allow the hair cuticles to open and will prepare them for phase two, the SoftLiss STEP2 Intelligent Brush. Rinse well and repeat this process 3 to 4 times.Brazilian keratin hair instructions
  2. Use a hair dryer to remove moisture.  
  3. When hair Is 80% dry, begin step two and apply SoftLiss STEP2 Intelligent Brush.


  1. Brush the hair to your taste and comfort. 
  2. Separate it into thin streaks. 
  3. Using a brush, apply product from streak to streak spreading from the roots.  Use a fine comb brush toward the bottom to remove  the excess product. You want to avoid saturating the hair fiber, which makes it heavy and dull.
  4. At the end of the application process, comb hair for 5 minutes and then wait 15 minutes.
    * If the hair is EXTREMELY CURLY, it is better to do a quick brushing. Brush or comb from the root to the tip with a hair dryer and a brush with synthetic bristles to aid straightening. You can also use ironing brushes. Brazilian keratin treatment
    * If the hair is NATURALLY WAVY, remove the moisture of the Keratin using a hair dryer and a wide-tooth plastic comb.  Gently comb to untangle hiar and activate the product.
  5. straighten hair flat ironStart the cauterization process with a flat iron (tourmaline, titanium, or ceramic plated) of which the temperature is 392°F (200°C) for fine hair or 428°F (220°C) for thick or stubborn hair. Depending on the quality and power of your iron, perform 6 or 7 repetitions until you notice a shiny quality to the hair. Best results depend on a good cauterization process.

    * Use a half-inch iron for shorter hair or for hair with tight roots for better results.
    ** It is recommended that you study techniques for Ironing both vertically and horizontally.

Brazilian keratin flat iron hairCauterize the hair using the traditional ironing methods (explained above in Step 5)
(Iron + SoftLiss = Perfect Smoothness)

Use a curling iron to achieve beautiful curls from the hair root, the middle or the tip.
(Curling Iron + SoftLiss = Perfect Curls)


  1. Wait 60 minutes following application and rinse with cold water. DO NOT exceed this time. 
  2. Remove remaining moisture with a towel.
  3. Apply SoftLiss Nurturing Mask. Massage hair and untangle.
  4. Allow 15 minutes for the Mask to activate. 
  5. Rinse hair with cold water only.
  6. Follow with a quick blow-dry and flat iron


Proper care and maintenance of your new hair with SoftLiss products will prolong its effects. Our special formaldehyde free Brazilian keratin hair straightener is formulated to last up to 4 to 5 months with proper care.

  • Utilize the SoftLiss No-Salt Shampoo and Conditioner since it contains no aggressive chemicals (DOES NOT CONTAIN sodium chloride), with nutritional properties and a neutral pH.
  • When visiting the beach or pool, protect your hair with a protective cream depending on the alkalinity of the sea water or the chlorine in the pool. We recommend the SoftLiss Shine Booster. 


Can hair that has been straightened, highlighted, dyed, permanently waved, or has used other kinds of Keratin products use SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin straightener?

SoftLiss can be applied to any type of hair: Discolored hair, streaked hair, dyed hair, straightened hair, hair with permanent waves, hair with Japanese straightening or hair that has already been treated with formaldehyde. SoftLiss is compatible with all chemicals. For all types of hair: curly hair, semi-straight hair, dry hair, wavy hair, kinky hair, greasy hair, hard hair, soft hair, short hair and hair of all natural colors.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding, can I use this Brazilian Keratin hair straightener?

Yes, but we recommend talking to your doctor first and mention the following ingredients:

Silicon polymers, Fluid Keratin, softening agents, ethyl alcohol, and vitamins.

I have curly hair / afro, what is the effect of Brazilian Keratin on my hair?

The first application will be enough to immediately feel the difference in smoothness, hydration and softness with a reduction in the volume of your hair. The smoothness will depend on the texture, type and number of times that you use SoftLiss. With one or two applications one should feel their hair 100% smooth. You hair will be shiny, soft and silky with a naturally treated appearance. (See before and after photo below for example of African curly hair treated with SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin)



How will my new hair growth come out after using SoftLiss?

Your new hair will be healthier, because when you applied the product you utilized a shampoo that opens the hair cuticles and then applied a treatment to reconstruct the base of bio-components and this allowed the benefits of SoftLiss to penetrate to the root. This is one of the advantages to our product, which is what makes it different from all other strengtheners; your hair will be left healthy and hydrated.

How long will the effects of this Brazilian Keratin treatment last?

The effects will last about 3 to 4 months. The straight effect will last in accordance to the number of washes and the types of products used in the maintenance. It is recommended that you use the SoftLiss No-Salt Maintenance Kit. If you wish to repeat the treatment before this time you can do so with no problem.

What will happen to my hair after the 3 months?

After this time has passed you will find that your hair is in a better state than before. Some of the natural waves and features will return, the shine will not be what it once was. This will indicate that it is time for the second application of SoftLiss.

Can I apply SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin the same day that my hair was straightened or dyed?

Yes, you can, though we do not recommend those with sensitive scalp to saturate it with chemical treatments, and thus we recommend that you first dye, streak or highlight and then apply the SoftLiss Keratin Treatment. We also recommend waiting 48 hours after applying color to your hair. Just so that your color does not change. Our treatment will NOT be affected at all whether or not you wait.

After I apply SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin do I have to use any other products?

For the best effect and the longest lasting benefits one should use the SoftLiss Maintenance line of SoftLiss No-Salt Shampoo and Conditioner and the SoftLiss Shine Booster. IMPORTANT: Using shampoos and conditioners that contain sodium chloride will reduce the duration of your Brazilian Keratin super soft straight hair.

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