Brazilian Keratin Treatment Videos

Videos, instructions and tips for using Soft-Liss Brazilian Keratin hair straightening products

How to use Photon Lizze: Accelerator and Enhancer of Hair Treatments.
Instructions step by step.


Carmen Amara Testimonial for Soft-Liss Brazilian Keratin

Soft-Liss Brazilian Keratin Treatment in Salon

Soft-Liss Chocolate Kit (Spanish)

Carmen Amara speaks about Soft-Liss products in English and Spanish.

Salon Step-by-Step Soft-Liss Brazilian Keratin Treatment (Spanish)

Soft-Liss Professional Line Maya Gold Video (Spanish)

Soft-Liss Formula Has No Formaldehyde (Spanish)

Applying Soft-Liss Strawberry Kit (Spanish)

Instructions Video showing Afro hair (Spanish)

Brazilian Keratin Soft Liss Gold Maya (Spanish)

Softliss Brazilian Keratin Strawberry Kit Video

Softliss Brazilian Keratin Chocolate Kit

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