SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin Gold Maya Premium Kit

SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin Gold Maya Premium Kit

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Who’s Head Will YOU Turn Tomorrow?

The SoftLiss Gold Maya Premium Kit:

For Glossy, Straight, Silky Smooth Hair!

Sick of hair products that are FULL of chemicals? Are you looking for TRUE Brazilian Keratin products that keep your hair feeling YOUNG, GORGEOUS, and HEALTHY?

Then you need to give our SoftLiss Gold Maya Premium Kit a try today!

The SoftLiss Gold Maya Premium Kit can handle even the most DIFFICULT hair with a highly effective mixture of protein, keratin and amino acids. This blend of all-natural ingredients doesn’t just STRENGTHEN hair, but keeps it straighter and silkier than ever before!

But what about anti-aging you ask? And moisturizing, doesn’t it do that too? The answer is YES to both questions! We’ve also added silk, collagen, jojoba (gold plant) AND Gold Maya fragrance, creating a purifying, moisturizing, and anti-aging hair product that will keep your hair healthier for even longer!

Gold Sterilizing Shampoo: A keratin treatment which uses all-natural bio-actives as well as an alkaline pH to open hair cuticles WITHOUT breaking or damaging them. Get RID of the residue caused by other shampoos that BLOCK natural hair growth!

Gold Maya Intelligent Brush: One of our TOP SELLING hair correctors designed to rebuild damaged hair fiber by fiber with a highly effective blend of vitamins, keratin and proteins. Give your hair a gorgeously straight OR bouncy, curly look simply by using our corrector with a flat iron or curling iron.

Gold Mask Sealer: Seal in your hairs natural oils and nutrients with our Keratin Gold Mask Sealer! Hair without some form of sealant will lose its natural nutrients faster, leading to split ends and flat hair. With Gold Mask Sealer, your hair looks stronger, silkier, and shinier than it ever has before!

Sexier, Smoother, Healthier Hair—Who WOULDN’T Want That??

Get our Gold Maya Premium Kit with SALON-QUALITY Keratin Treatment TODAY. It’s backed by our 110% GUARANTEE!


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