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Extreme Hair Straightener and anti-aging protein treatment repair, restores and revitalizes dry and damage hair. It penetrates the hair fiber to effectively deliver a concentrated blend of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, Aloe Vera, Jojoba, Argan Oil and proteins to restore moisture, enhance strength and elasticity, increase smoothness and shine.

How To Use It

Wash hair with shampoo and towel dry. Using a brush section hair in 3 parts, pour 2oz of Magic Hair Extreme in a container and apply with a comb strand by strand starting to inch away from the scalp and distribute evenly to the ends. Remove excess with comb, let the treatment set for 20 minutes. Blow dry hair thoroughly with the help of a comb until the hair is dry. Set the iron at 230°C degrees if hair is not damage. 190°C degrees if hair is moderately to severely damage. Then proceed to pass the iron 8 to 10 times per strand until entire head is treated. For best results after 20 minutes wash the hair only with water then dry and pass the iron quickly.

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