NEW SoftLiss Botox Gel 16 oz (ENHANCED FORMULA!!!)


NEW SoftLiss Botox Gel:

Smoother, Straighter Hair In Just TWO Steps!

No Joke: Our Botox Gel Straightens Hair Up to 90% and Requires FEWER Applications than Conventional Keratin Treatments!


Want to get on the fast-track to smoother, softer hair? Tired of keratin treatments that aren’t working fast enough—or at all?

Then you NEED to get your hands on SoftLiss’s New Protein-Infused Botox Gel!

SoftLiss Botox Gel has been tested by stylists to increase smoothing by up to 90%. Even the wildest hair days don’t stand a chance against those numbers! Our gel builds up your hair with the protein it needs to stay strong and healthy. Hair regenerates faster because MORE protein is released into your hair fibers than standard keratin products. The result is softer, shinier hair that lasts!

In fact, our Botox Gel requires FAR fewer applications than standard keratin treatment—and wouldn’t you know it, it actually WORKS BETTER than other Botox gels on the market! Stylists we’ve spoken to say that when treating hair that’s over shoulder-length requires nearly 4 oz. of keratin product! SoftLiss Botox gel requires just HALF that amount!

So You Aren’t Just Getting Natural Straight Hair Faster—You’re Using WAY Less Product to Do So! Where Do I Sign Up?!

Hold on, it gets even better. SoftLiss Botox Gel also generates 70% less smoke than other Botox gels on the market during drying and ironing. And because you’re using less of it, you won’t have to deal with a huge mess to deal with afterwards! Now THAT’S hair treatment made easy!

SoftLiss Botox Gel requires just TWO steps for an effective treatment!

Step 1 (Sterilizing Shampoo): Massage the Sterilizing Shampoo into your scalp with warm water. This opens the cuticles and prepares your hair to receive the second step of the process. Repeat this step about 3-4 times. For better results make sure that your hair is at least 80% dry before applying the SoftLiss Botox Gel.

Step 2 (Botox Gel): First, divide your hair into thin slivers. With a silicone brush, apply the SoftLiss Botox Gel strand by strand, from root to tip. You can also use a fine comb to run the product through your hair to evenly distribute the gel. If the gel was distributed evenly, you’ll notice foam applied across all of your hair.

After combing the Botox gel into your hair, wait 15 minutes, and then dry your hair with a blow dryer on medium heat. Continue to comb your hair during this process.

Start the cauterization process with a ceramic or titanium coated iron at 200-220 C., or 390-428 F. Make sure to evenly cauterize the hair, going strand by strand until a light, brightened effect is felt.

Wait 40 minutes, rinse thoroughly, then dry and iron. The results will be seen immediately thanks to the straightening, softening effects of SoftLiss Botox Gel!


Sound Easy? It Is! PLUS, You’ll Have Results Faster Than You Ever Imagined!

Get our SoftLiss Botox Gel Premium Kit TODAY. It’s backed by our 110% GUARANTEE!

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Additional Tips for proper application of Botox Gel

1 Make sure hair is up to 80% dry after using the sterilizing shampoo.

2 Hair absorbs the Botox Gel very quickly. If the hair dries faster than you expect DO NOT add more Botox Gel.

3 Hair should not look wet after both Botox steps have been completed.

You’ll get fantastic results with these tips. On top of that, SoftLiss Botox Gel lasts FAR longer with just one bottle lasting 14 or 16 applications!

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