Mini Lizze Nano Titanium Flat Iron 1/2"


Mini Flat Iron Nano Titanium Lizze has a high temperature, it is lightweight, compact and robust. Its design is innovative, stylish and adaptable to any type of female purse or ideal to carry in your purse or makeup bag travel companion. Format easily attaches to the palms, avoiding slips and offering a firm grip.


1. Titanium: extremely strong and resistant (can be compared to steel), provides superior thermal conductivity (ability to conduct heat), but is lighter and easier to handle.
2. Surface: The smooth surface of the plate Lizze Nano Titanium allows smooth and without risk of hair breakage during sanding application.
3. Infrared Heat: The top plate heat penetrates hair featuring a smooth, silky finish surprisingly quickly.
4. The ion technology ensures hair stays smooth and hydrated.
5. Supports high temperatures of the board and to avoid burning hands during the smoothing step.
6. Ergonomic and user-friendly design to avoid tiring hands and arms.
7. Nano Technology: Helps eliminate fungus and bacteria.


1. The temperature of 390 ° F (200 ° C)
2. Allows complete smoothing from root to tip
3. The smaller width allows mounting and perfect curls
4. Perfect fit in your hands (no show)
5. Product in blue
6. Light Weight: 230 g
7. LED display, easy to read
8. Iron Nano Titanium 1/2 inch blades;
9. Voltage: 127v 220v (Bivolt).

How to use

1. The hair must be dry to the smoothing process with Lizze Iron Nano Titanium 1"
2. Divide all the hair into small sections and secure with a clamp or other type of fastener.
3. Wait for the iron to heat and carefully slide into each strand from root to tip.
4. Repeat the process until achieving the desired effect.