SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin Silk Shower (Peaches) Premium Kit


The Same Great Results of SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin—With an Invigorating Aroma of Peach

SoftLiss Brazilian Keratin Silk Shower (Peaches) Premium Kit:
For Results You Can Feel to the Last Strand


Want to give all your friends hair-envy? It’s never been easier to do with SoftLiss’s Brazilian Keratin Silk Shower Premium Kit!

Within just one use, you’ll have smoother, silkier hair that WON’T just fade away the next day.

How is that even possible? Hint: it’s all about the ingredients. First, we ditched the formaldehyde—no one wants that in their hair products anyway! Second, we developed the perfect blend of strengthening keratin, replenishing nutrients, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals—powerful enough by themselves, but when put together, create a product that delivers a HUGE revitalizing boost to your hair.

And last but not least, we infused the entire package with a splash of silk and peach aroma. Let’s face it, it’s not just your hair you want feeling refreshed—it’s YOU also!

Silk Shower Sterilizing Shampoo: A powerful, nutrient-dense sterilizing shampoo that will NEVER strip your hair. Just ONE small dose of SoftLiss Silk Shower Shampoo is enough to remove residue and grime, de-frizz even the frizziest of hairs, and strengthen and protect each and every strand with added vitamins, minerals, and other protein.

Silk Shower Intelligent Brush System: Replenish, strengthen, AND revitalize your hair with SoftLiss Silk Shower Corrector! Our corrector puts the spring back in your hair after a long day—giving it that soft, vibrant feel you love. EVEN BETTER, our corrector makes even the most difficult hair listen to reason! Straighten it, curl it, and stretch it—be ready for any occasion with SoftLiss!

Silk Shower Mask Sealer: Treatment with just a shampoo and conditioner can leave your hair susceptible to harsh UV rays, pollution, dust, and anything else the outside world can throw at you! With Silk Shower Mask Sealer, your hair is protected by a mask of herbal extracts, oils, and hydrolyzed keratin. It not only shields your hair from the elements—it leaves it looking more vibrant and beautiful than ever before!

It’s All Peachy With SoftLiss Silk Shower and Brazilian Keratin!

Get our SoftLiss Peach Premium Kit with SALON-QUALITY Keratin Treatment TODAY. It’s backed by our 110% GUARANTEE! 

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